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Why is my scheduled task (CRON job) not running?

If the scheduled task did not run check the following before contacting support.

1) The file permissions for the script are set correctly, 711 or 755.

2) Be sure that you specify the script interpreter path in the scheduled task path, otherwise the server will not be able to interpret your script code:
- for perl /usr/bin/perl
- for php4 /usr/bin/php
- for php5 /usr/bin/php5

For example, if you're using a PHP5 script located in a subdirectory of your webspace's public_html folder, the full scheduled task path would be:
/usr/bin/php5 /home/sites/domainname.com/public_html/cron/

3) If the script being run is adapted from a cgi script be sure to make the necessary changes as the scheduled task is run by the shell statement such as #!/usr/bin/perl which is needed for cgi, and will be interpreted as a comment.

If you're still having problems, use the test function to help diagnose the issue. You could also add some debugging code to your scheduled task script to see how far it gets or see where it fails.
The output code should be emailed to you once the script finishes running, you can specify where this should be emailed to in the scheduled task section in your eXtend control panel.

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